Humanoid AI Sophia Robot – All Information About Sophia Robot

Friends, in today’s article we will talk about Humanoid AI Sophia Robot, let’s start. So, The Sophia Robot is developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

And It is called a social humanoid robot from Saudi Arabia.

Sofia robot became active on 14 February 2016 and made appearances in March 2016 in various locations. Such as South West in Austin, Texas, USA, etc.

This robot knows many different types of facial expressions, and many languages. Sofia has been cover by media around the world. And This robot has participated in many Hi-Fi interviews so far.

It is the first robot to get Saudi Arabian citizenship in October 2017. And it is the first humanoid robot to get citizenship of the country.

In addition, The Sofia was declare the first Innovation Champion of the United Nations Development Programme, in November 2017.

And it is the first humanoid robot to get the country’s citizenship as well as the title of United Nations.

History of Sophia Robot – Humanoid AI Sophia Robot

As of 2018 Sofia’s architecture consisted of some AI systems. Such as, chat systems, and scripting software. This AI is design for general reasoning only.

And then it is gradually develop. Sofia the robot can imitate human gestures and faces. And It can speak a variety of languages.

Friends, some people must have come to mind that can Sophia get up, sit, eat and drink, walk, and run, etc.?

So, yes of course, Sofia the robot can do all the tasks that a human would do.

The Sofia’s intelligence software is develop by Hanson Robotics. Artificial intelligence is a program to analyze conversations, extract data, improve responses in the future, etc.

One of the surprises guys is that there is at least no humanoid robot “siblings” available of Sofia.

But In 2019-20, Handson developed a “Little Sophia” as one of his team mates.

This Little Sophia can teach kids coding. And this Little Sophia was support by Python, Blockly, and Raspberry Pi. Hanson developed Sophia for certain tasks.

For example – for the elderly in nursing homes, helping the crowd in large events, etc. He says he hopes robots can interact with other humans to acquire social skills. And Sofia was market as a social robot.

This Sophia robot can imitate social behavior and awaken the feeling of love in humans. So Friends, the one truth is that this Sophia robot is very much like a human being.

Features of Humanoid AI Sophia Robot

Guys, Computer Vision Algorithms – It prepares input from the cameras inside Sofia’s eyes. This allows her to easily see the scenery around her.

Sofia can follow robot faces. And you can keep contact with your eyes. and also can identify individuals. She can prepare her speech, and present her speech in front of anyone.

It may use a natural language. And it is capable of conversing with anyone using the natural language subsystem. In January 2018, the Sophia robot was give the ability to functionally steer legs.

CNBC saw and commented on Sofia’s “living” skin, more than 70 facial expressions. David Hanson says that Sophia ultimately proves well suited to work in customer service, medical service, healthcare, and education, etc.

In 2019, Sofia demonstrated the ability to create images and including drawings.

Let us understand its features in other words – Humanoid AI Sophia Robot


  • It has the ability to express human-like emotional expressions.
  • Sophia Robot is able to understand sentences and contexts with cloud connection.
  • It can express its body and facial expressions with its speech output.


  • It happens in the presence of exactly human size. And meaning it looks exactly like a human.
  • Humanoid AI Sophia is the robot’s most realistic human-like expressive face.
  • It has artificial skin. And a huge number of customized face designs, language and arm colors, and skin tones are available.


  • The humanoid Sofia robot is capable of body tracking and face detection.
  • Humanoid AI Sophia Robot is program for a wide range of physical contact tasks.


  • It can move its fingers to arms and shoulders.
  • Different types of rolling best option including self navigating.
  • It has 74 degrees of freedom and 600 gr of payload for each arm.

She Express Her Feelings – Humanoid AI Sophia Robot

Sofia the robot is capable of expressing its emotions, and this robot can easily tell about what is angry or upset about what.

Sofia the robot has a good sense of humour. And This robot is able to understand your words, to answer your questions correctly.


Sofia Robot is the smartest robot ever. So, The Sophia Robot – It is manufactured by Hanson Robotics. And the Sophia Robot was invented by David Hanson.

It was manufactured in Hong Kong. And it got citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It was created in 2016. And It is a humanoid robot.

There is less to write about this robot, but this robot is really the best and smart robot in the world – The Sophia Robot. It can be call Humanoid AI Sophia Robot.

And Its purpose is Technology Demonstrator. Now Friends, I hope this article will be useful for you.