Human robot being built by Tesla founder, no servant would be needed for it!

Hello guys, In this article we will tell you about a human robot or humanoid robot. Elon Musk is building a human robot.

This is such a robot, which does not need any servant. Musk says that this robot will be friendly and will not dominate any human.

Technology is increasing a lot by humans. The saying “the world has reached the moon” would probably be an understatement.

Humans have started making robots like humans, which is no less than magic.

By the way, you have heard and seen about many robots. But now big business like Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have also joined this race of technology.

Elon Musk has revealed that his Tasla company is building a Eumenides robot. This human robot can do many types of work in the house and there will be no need for any servant.

Human Robot by Tesla Company

Tesla company organized an AI digital event. In it, the company provided information about its plans regarding Artificial Intelligence.

The company also told about its upcoming human robot project. The company will also use Auto Pilot Driver Assistance to make this robot.

A glimpse of this robot was also shown at that event. This robot really looks just like humans. However, it is not necessarily the same design when finished.

This robot of Tesla will be very friendly and at the same time will not dominate any human.

Elon Musk has long been calling robots with artificial intelligence for machine learning a threat to humans.

But this Tesla company is about to build a Eumenide robot. With this robot, you will not need any servant.

Some Features Of Tesla Bot

This robot will be made to be 5.8 feet long and 125 pounds (about 57 kg) heavy. It will look somewhat like an average human being.

Friends, at present this robot is called Optimus Codename. Where would this Tesla boat usually go? Let’s look at this robot with some examples-

You can ask to bring it to the grocery.

  • It can help you fix your car.
  • Friends, the most important thing, its top speed will be 5MPH i.e. about 8 kilometers per hour.


Musk says that this robot will remain as a personal assistant. This robot can do your daily tasks very easily and in a better way.

Being prepared for your everyday only. This robot will prove to be very interesting and capable of doing all the work for you.