What Are The Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

What Are The Top Programming Languages For Robotics

Robots are widely used today. Friends, in today’s article we will talk about what are the top programming languages ​​for robotics. So let’s get started. Friends, robots are very important in science.

Robots not only reduce human performance, but they also make difficult tasks easier. Many businesses have started opening in the name of robots.

Automatic machines have gained popularity over the years. Friends, top programming languages ​​for robotics are used to make robots. Robotic systems are systems that are capable of receiving instructions from a computer.

A robot is a self-regulating machine. It is capable of functioning by sensor input. Friends, robot is just a piece of machine without coding or programming language.

Friends, without coding/programming language a piece of machine cannot do anything. For example, Sophia the robot. This robot is the first robot to get citizenship of any country.

Sophia Robot is created from programming language/coding. His sense of humour, his emotions, expressions, way of talking, etc. have all been made possible by the programming language.

Why is a Programming Language/Coding Necessary for Robotics?

Friends, machines only understand programming languages. For example, computer. If you write anything in the computer, then you feel that it is falling in Hindi language or English language.

But the coding is going on in the background. A computer is also a robot. Friends, without coding, robots cannot do anything. But if, you use coding/programming language in that so it is able to respond accordingly.

So programming language/coding is very essential for robotics.

Programming Languages/Coding In Robots

Friends, C/C++ is the most popular programming language in robotics. And besides this, Python programming is also quite popular. The ROS package is developed by Python programming itself.

Friends, there is a particularly useful software tools in robotics.

Robot Operating System (ROS): ROS is a collection of software libraries and tools. It proves to be very helpful in making robotic applications. You can also record ROS plans in the C/C++ or Python programming languages.

MATLAB – MATLAB is used for data analysis and communication with ROS. It is an open source.

C Programming and Arduino Microcontroller: Friends, C/C++ programming language is the most used in robots or latest trends in automous of robots.

Arduino microcontroller uses C programming language. This manual is a great way to keep the basics of this important language in mind when developing a robot.

Board of arduino mega 2560 microcontroller. What is an Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller? In fact, there is a big chip present at the center of the Arduino.

This is the chip that you program. You write high quality code, which is compiled into machine code. And it is embedded in this chip.

This process is done for connecting top and bottom pin input devices like sensors and output devices like motors.

Python and Raspberry-Pi: The Python programming language is used for computer science and machine learning. This language proves to be quite simple and useful to learn.

The Python language is in Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is required to control the robot.

Raspberry Pi i 3 Model B: The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is broadly like a PC. It is too short. Raspberry pi 3 has 1.2 GHz quad core a.r.m. Processor, Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, and 4 USB ports.

What is the Difference Between Arduino and Raspberry-Pi?

arduino and raspberry-pi are used for robotics only. But following are some important differences between them.
Arduino: Arduino is a small controller similar to a normal computer.

It runs and loops a single program written on the PC. This program is integrated and tracked in the microcontroller as a machine code.

Arduino is very well suited for low-level robot control. And it has key features like digital analog sensor switching.

Raspberry Pi : This is also similar to a normal PC. But it is more flexible than Arduino. Analog to digital conversion is not available in raspberry-pi.

The RPi is capable of using a Linux operating system (usually Raspbian). Friends, you can easily connect external devices like mouse, keyboard, monitor, and camera to the RPi. This proves to be very useful for robots.

Top Programming Languages for Robotics

Friends, there are more than 1400+ robotic programming languages available all over the world. But in today’s article we will learn about Top Programming Languages for Robotics.

It is more useful for you to learn these programming languages. Let’s start –

C/C++ – Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

To learn about robots you should start with C/C++ programming language. this is coding Comes first for robotics. There is not much difference in these two languages.

These are standard top programming languages ​​for robotics with almost identical characteristics. Might be a modified version of C/C++. It provides some facilities.

You must be wondering, why is C++ the most popular programming language? Friends, it is useful for low-level hardware interface and real time performance.

C++ is the most advanced programming language to get the best robot results. In this you can create code in three different ways.

These include builder, automatic, and operator control methods. In this builder mode, initializing code is used to create the class. This helps to initialize the sensors and build other wpilib elements.

Autonomous method ensures that the code is executed. It only works for a limited time. After that, the robot moves to the teleoperation section. And in this case it is advantageous to use the operator control method.

Python – Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

Python is very powerful programming language/coding. Having said that, it is one of the easiest programming languages. and are the most popular.

Python programming is used to build and investigate robots. Friends, this programming language performs very well in terms of automation. And also performs very well in terms of post process.

You can create quite good scripts through this programming language. This robot is able to integrate, record, and activate code.

Friends, it is capable of rapidly examining and visualization of images, programs, and logic solutions. You don’t need to write much or code in this. The main goal of Python is to make the system simple and fast.

With the help of this programming, you can create, modify, and delete anything. Additionally, we have been able to code the robot movement into a single text, all at once.

Everything can be accomplish by this programming in very less coding. Python is one of the best languages for robot programming. And simple too.

Java – Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

Java is a programming language. This enables the robot to perform human-like activities. In a way, Java acts as a brain inside robots. It is able to provide APIs to meet the needs of Robots.

High performance language features are available in Java. It enables you to create advanced algorithms, search, and neural algorithms. With Java you can use the same code in more than one computer.

Guys, Java is not build on machine code. Because it is an explanatory language. Friends, in addition, in execution, the Java virtual computer is capable of interpreting commands.

For this reason, Java has become very popular in the field of robotics. As a result, Java is popular than other top programming languages ​​for robotics.

Friends, JavaScript is also use for website design. And this programming also acts as a brain in website design. At the moment, Java is use today by AIs such as IBM Watson and AlphaGo.


Microsoft’s .NET programming language has been very popular. It is use to build apps in Visual Studio. .NET can become a good base for people looking to make a career in robotics.

It is specially design by programmers for port and socket development. .NET is capable of supporting various languages with horizontal scaling.

.NET is able to provide a uniform environment. For C++ or Java, this programming is quite easy. It is able to fully test all tools and IDEs.

And it is accessible to the Microsoft Developer Network. Moreover, in this you can merge languages smoothly. As a result, its ranking may be the best among robotics programming languages.


Guys, MATLAB is actually not a programming language. It is based on complex math, engineering solutions. MATLAB and its open source Octave are very popular in Robotics.

It is quite different and ahead of other robotic computer languages in terms of data analysis. Robotics developers learn to build sophisticated graphs using MATLAB data.

This contributes to the development of the entire robotic system. It also facilitates the development of robots that are deeply root in the robotics industry.

It is a tool that gives consent to use its methods to duplicate your result. The engineer uses this simulation to correct system configurations and correct errors.

There are many stories in which MATLAB has been use to build a complete robot. As a result, Matlab can be include in the top 10 languages.

Friends, one of the best examples of MATLAB app is Kuka KR6. The developers used Matlab to build and imitate this robot.

Lisp – Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

Lisp is one of the first robotic computer languages. It was design to allow computer applications to use the terminology of mathematics. Lisp is an AI platform. It is widely use for making Robot Operating System (ROS).

It includes automatic storage management, syntax highlighting, tree Data structures, and high level features. And it is very easy to use. After identifying the problems, it plays a big role in eliminating them.

It is involve in the protocol phase of the troubleshooting process, not in the production phase. And it has many skills available like read-eval-print loop and self-binding integration.


Pascal is also the first programming language / coding. It is still very useful for newbies today. It is based on basic planning language. And this excellent planning teaches about programming.

Pascal is use to create top programming languages ​​for robotics. Some examples are ABB’s Rapid and Kuka’s KRL. Guys, some developers consider Pascal ineffective for everyday use.

But, they also highlight its importance for newcomers. It helps you to quickly learn other robot programming languages. This one can be perfect for perfect beginners.

Once you master the art of robotics. So you can proceed to the next programming.

Conclusion – Top Programming Languages ​​For Robotics

So you can choose the top programming language for robotics according to you. By the way, Python and C++ are most important. C++ is a bit hard to learn.

C++ takes more time to write than Python. Friends, you must be thinking that why C++ is at number one? C++ allows for low-level hardware interaction as well as real-time performance.

The C and C++ are very mature planning languages. C++ is use to ensure the performance of robotics. And C++ itself is the best programming/coding for this.

That’s all in today’s article. I hope this article is prove to useful to you.

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