You can finally see all your saved Wi-Fi passwords in the latest Windows 11 preview

Microsoft is working on an easier way to see your saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows, the company reveals in its latest blog post. The new feature comes in a new Insider Preview build that has been released to the dev channel.

With the new build (23466) of Windows 11, you can now view saved SSID keys in plain text by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and then go to Manage known networks. You can then select a saved SSID and click View Wi-Fi security key. And that is.

The new “View Wi-Fi security key” section when viewing any known network in Windows 11 settings.
Image: Microsoft

Currently, the Wi-Fi password of the current network your Windows 11 PC is connected to is hidden in the wireless device properties, visible by checking the “show characters” box within the security tab there. And if you want to see other saved Wi-Fi passwords for whatever reason, you’ll need to dive into the command prompt and google how to use the netsh command to find what you need.

The change will make it much easier to get a Wi-Fi password when you really need it and don’t want to check the back of the router or find that random piece of paper you wrote it on. By comparison, Apple’s macOS has had the ability to view a Wi-Fi password stored in macOS for over a decade within the Keychain Access app, though Apple only added easy access to Wi-Fi keys in its iPhone with the release of iOS 16. last year.


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