What’s coming for cloud computing in 2023

The days before Thanksgiving I get pitches from PR firms wanting to tell me their clients’ predictions for next year. I’m always taken back by some of the naivete I still see out there, even after 15 years of cloud computing being a true force in IT. By now, most technology executives should know better.

From my perspective, I don’t think next year will bring tactical shifts in technology, such as more artificial intelligence in the cloud or a focus on zero-trust security. It’s going to be more like a strategic trend or a bigger fix. Perhaps something that’s been a long time coming rather than just tossing technology and money at problems.

If you think back a few years, some of the writing was on the wall in terms of this emerging pattern, but something shifted our thinking. That something was a global pandemic which meant most enterprises ran to the newfound safety of public cloud providers as quickly as they could. Just look at the explosive growth of cloud computing since 2019.

This rapid lifting and shifting to public cloud providers has led to some of the business issues we’re seeing today. This includes a lack of ROI from cloud deployments, mostly caused by inadequate planning, too much complexity, and not enough discipline when it comes to strategic cloud cost management, meaning no finops oversight.

These issues seem to be the focus as we go into 2023. It’s going to launch a new strategic trend that perhaps should have started several years ago.

The problem most enterprises are having with cloud computing right now is related to too many cloud services that must be managed and tracked. Again, this leads to too much complexity, mostly through the rise of multicloud.

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