Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino has a scary to-do list

some airlines have stopped offering customer support via Twitter due to the changes. Transit authorities and public health agencies paused the automatic posting of safety alerts until Twitter backtracked on plans to force them to pay the higher API fees. More confusion could come. Musk has said he will remove inactive accounts, which could allow the takeover of deceased celebrity usernames.

Working with celebrities or other high-profile users isn’t exactly out of Yaccarino’s expertise. He has appeared on stage alongside television stars and journalists countless times to introduce NBC to advertisers. He has also negotiated partnership agreements with other media and technology companies. Perhaps the most important card he can play is to point out that few alternatives to Twitter are really thriving yet. People and organizations want a way to communicate with their followers and customers, and Twitter remains one of the few places that can provide that.

calm commercial disputes

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October, a number of providers have sued the company for failing to pay for software, office space and other services. Hordes of laid off and laid off staff are in arbitration over the rushed handling of their departures. Even Twitter’s janitors went on strike for not renewing their services.

About the only company to reach a new deal with Twitter since Musk’s reign began has been Yaccarino’s previous employer, NBCUniversal. The company announced earlier this month which would promote its Paris 2024 Olympic Games content on Twitter, expanding on efforts during previous games.

Appeasing software owners and providers could be a new adventure for Yaccarino, who is more familiar with media deals. But that’s just a start. Regulators like the US Federal Trade Commission have been questioning Twitter’s compliance with privacy rules and other legal requirements under Musk. Negotiating quick deals on all fronts could help clear some of the clouds hanging over Twitter, but it may take Yaccarino a while to catch up.

be profitable

Musk has cut costs at every opportunity since he bought Twitter, saying the layoffs and other measures were necessary to prevent the company from going bankrupt. NBC has also cut costs during economic downturns, forcing department leaders like Yaccarino to figure out what expenses to cut. But NBC continued to host lavish advertiser presentations and red-carpet events to keep the dollars flowing.

It’s unclear how old-school tactics like those fit in with Musk’s frugality. He is known for pushing employees at his other companies to rethink parts and sourcing in order to slash the costs of mass-producing rockets and electric cars. Yaccarino will have to work with Musk to make Twitter more advertiser-friendly, for example, by improving systems that measure whether ads drive purchases or brand awareness, without increasing labor and technology costs.

Mango Musk

The de facto leader of Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink, a personal philanthropic organization, and potentially a fledgling rival to ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Musk is scattered, as he has admitted. he trusts hardcore lieutenants to get things done while he is focused elsewhere. But his demanding style and habit of parachuting in and out of his companies have led him to churn through advisers, friends and girlfriends at a rapid pace.

Yaccarino has worked under demanding media barons like Ted Turner, and she and Musk may have a good business relationship for now. But how long that will last is anyone’s guess. musk in february fired a product leader on Twitter he thought he was loyal to whoever was helping to carry out the changes that the businessman wanted. Musk’s habit of conducting business or announcing changes of mind through tweets can catch his subordinates and allies alike by surprise.

More optimistically, Musk and SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell have managed to co-exist since he convinced her to run in 2002, with their ability to do things up to Musk’s expectations. He has helped both rise through the ranks as engineers. It’s not so clear whether Yaccarino, who spent his career on television, can productively collaborate with Musk in the language of Internet software. All the scrutiny of social media companies he did to squash them in his latest job surely can’t hurt.


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