Envoy Introduces Workplace Occupancy Analysis Solution to Power Informed Decision Making

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Job platform based in San Francisco Sent today announced the launch of place of work of the envoy, a unified workplace occupancy analysis tool. This captures data from various sources, such as door access scans, WiFi usage, and employee logins, providing organizations with an accurate overview of workplace activities. Envoy claims that Workplace enables organizations to gain insight into on-site equipment and workspace utilization across locations, facilitating informed decision making.

According to the company, the tool is the only fully integrated solution on the market, combining all the necessary components to manage and optimize workplaces for better experiences. Additionally, the analytics tool addresses the most persistent obstacles to creating great workplaces, such as fragmented data, space inefficiency, and poor employee experience.

Users can conveniently access unified analytics, desk and room reservation capabilities, and seamless delivery management in one centralized location.

“The Envoy Workplace will be instrumental in empowering companies to confidently make the bold decisions necessary to survive,” Envoy founder and CEO Larry Gadea told VentureBeat. “Workplace gives businesses a real-time pulse on their space utilization with an accuracy never seen before. Envoy Workplace aggregates door access data, WiFi data, and other passive signals to provide a unified overview of the office.”


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hybrid consciousness

The tool provides automatic desk scheduling with hybrid recognition, automatic resizing of meeting rooms based on attendance, and a centralized application for viewing coworkers’ seats, among other features. The company stressed that it is designed to focus on employee experience, productivity and modernizing outdated practices.

“All the other solutions use a final data source,” Gadea said. “For example, some use employee logins, some swipe building badge, but we are the only ones using multiple signs for the most accuracy. Since we passively pull from multiple sources, we have redundancy, so we provide the most accurate and reliable picture of what’s going on in the workplace – which teams are on site and how they’re using their space at each location.”

The platform links to more than 100 commonly used tools and data streams in the workplace. It consolidates information and functionality from all of these tools to help customers automate tasks and gain actionable insights on how to improve their workplace.

Improve workplaces through real-time analytics

Envoy’s occupancy analytics system captures data from multiple sources, including door access card scans, WiFi connections, desk and meeting room check-ins, and employee application logins. The tool works by providing accurate and timely information on global occupancy, as well as desk and meeting room utilization, for effective planning and decision-making.

The company believes this system will help organizations identify opportunities to optimize efficiency by expanding or reducing resources to align with the number of people entering the workspace.

In addition, it allows you to measure the long-term effects of return-to-office policies and strategies by analyzing attendance data categorized by time, team, or department.

The system also includes preconfigured reports that can be exported and shared with executives and stakeholders, providing detailed answers to critical questions.

“Envoy’s analytics takes the guesswork out of workplace planning,” said Gadea. “What we’re doing is giving leaders reliable occupancy and space usage data to understand how people are using team desks, rooms, and neighborhoods. We are helping our clients create a profitable and productive work environment based on how people use their space by giving them the information they need to make informed space planning and management decisions and get the most out of their workplace budget.”

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Optimizing workplace insights for decision makers

According to Gadea, leaders can better understand future expectations using precise historical trends segmented by day of the week or frequency. Assessing and properly adjusting office footprints is the most frequent scenario.

“By looking at occupancy over a period of time, you can better predict what kind of resources you might need, like snacks, lunches, or reception cover,” Gadea said. “By optimizing the use of resources like desktops or meeting rooms, you can compare how many desks and rooms are used on an average day, and then adjust the ratio based on that insight.”

Gadea noted that companies have transitioned to smaller, distributed offices. As a result, obtaining a comprehensive and standardized understanding of the space, unaffected by regional, team, and industry biases, has become increasingly challenging.

Portfolio aggregation capabilities

The platform’s portfolio aggregation feature will benefit on-site staff and ensure an exceptional roaming experience for out-of-town or remote employee visits, Gadea said.

“Our global occupancy analysis provides a bird’s-eye view of key occupancy statistics and utilization at each location in your portfolio,” added Gadea. “Our approach allows us to unify the different technology stacks across all locations so that our clients get standardized data from our analytics.”

In addition, he said: “Whether workplace leaders manage one location or 500, they can access a global view to see how occupancy trends differ between locations. Automatic data collection saves the time and hassle of manually extracting data for each location.”

Data-driven planning

The app enables employees to be more effective and workplace managers to make data-driven decisions, Gadea said. Envoy has been developing proprietary products for years, she said, allowing them to unify and aggregate information to provide more accurate data.

“In the past, analysts on finance and workplace teams needed to manually combine everything in Tableau, Excel and other tools,” Gadea said. “Not only was it labor intensive, but it was error prone and cumbersome due to deduplication and redundancy.”

He added: “We have made the job of workplace management much easier. Getting executives and other stakeholders the reports they need to make important decisions in the workplace is no longer a huge pain point. With Envoy, it takes minutes to get accurate data. The information is available on demand and does not depend on a manual process or the bandwidth of the analyst.

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