Top 10 Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence

In today’s article, we will talk about Top 10 Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence. Friends, Artificial Intelligence technology is being used in different fields, in different ways.

Artificial intelligence is also being used in our daily life. Artificial intelligence is being used to solve complex problems in many industries like healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, etc.

This technology is making our daily life much simpler and faster. And Guy’s Do you think, what is the future of AI, what’s next? So, i make an article on it you can check here: The Future Of AI: What’s Next?

Why is Artificial Intelligence So Useful?

Artificial Intelligence is gaining a lot of utility. This technology is providing many important benefits to the people. And all this is possible only because of excellent equipment.

Let us see, what is that great tool that makes Artificial Intelligence so useful.


There are many tasks which are tedious, which tire them. Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing such tasks automatically. Click here to see New AI Tools In 2023 that blow your mind.


AI can rightly enhance all products and services. This technology can improve products and services for users by making them better.

Analysis And Accuracy

AI is much faster and more accurate than humans in analyzing anything. Artificial intelligence technology is capable of interpreting data and making decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is a wonderful technology. It is capable of taking any kind of decision. It is also capable of moving the product and business process very rapidly.

Top 10 Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence

Friends, now I am going to tell you about Top Ten Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence. If you want to learn Artificial Intelligence seriously, then you must know about everything about it. So let’s see-

  • AI Autopilot in Commercial Flights
  • Plagiarism Checkers and Tools
  • Google’s AI-powered Predictions
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice-to-text Features
  • Smart Personal Assistants
  • Ride-sharing Applications
  • Spam Filters on Emails
  • Search Recommendations
  • Fraud Protection & Prevention

AI Autopilot in Commercial Flights

Friends, what is the first thing commercial flights? Commercial flights are flights operated by commercial airlines. In today’s time, cars, buses, trains, etc. have started running automatically.

Friends, even commercial flights have become Autopilots. It can fly without any hands. These flights are made by artificial intelligence. In the coming time, there will be more such flights, which will run on their own.

Plagiarism Checkers and Tools

Friends, in today’s time the competition is increasing a lot. There will be many people who will be writing articles, content etc. Friends, this tool is useful for those who write content.

Whenever you create content, how do you know whether it is unique or copyrighted? Friends, plagiarism checker and tools are used to check any content.

This tool tells you by checking whether your content is unique or copyrighted. Apart from this, it also tells how much of your content is unique and how much is copyright. This tool is also a part of Artificial Intelligence.

Google’s AI-powered Predictions

One of the best examples of Google AI power generation is Google Maps. With the help of Google Map, you can locate any place anywhere.

Which city, which village, where is it located? You can easily find out all this too. Google Maps is a kind of Artificial Intelligence.

There is no human hand in any way in Google Maps. He automatically tells the map to the people through his intelligence.

There is no need to tell much about Google Maps. But one thing must be said that this is one of the best AI application from Google.

Facial Recognition

We understand facial recognition with an example. In today’s time, every person has a smartphone. Friends, many phones have such a lock, which can be opened by your face. Like a fingerprint.

If you have put fingerprint in your mobile, then it will open only with your finger. Because he only recognizes your finger. So it is facial recognition. You can lock by showing your face in mobile or computer.

That world will not open until your face is seen in it. And no one else can open your mobile like this. Your mobile will not open until your mobile reads your face.

Similarly, it is a part of Artificial Intelligence itself. Think for yourself that a digital thing can recognize your finger, your face, without touching a human hand.

This is also one of the best application of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has its hand in this.

Voice-to-text Features

There are many applications in which you can write by speaking. Friends, let me explain you in simple words. If you speak in any voice to text application, then that application will write you what you say.

For example, Google Assistant, if you say anything on Google mic to search on Google, then it comes in the search result by typing in Google. It is only an artificial intelligence.

There are many applications in which you do not have to type text. In those applications, you can also complete your work by speaking. Its second example is – Google Docs.

This is an application. If you have to write a huge article or such, you can write without typing – in Google Docs. Yes friends, in Google Docs you can write without typing.

In this, there is a mic option, by clicking on it, whatever you say on the mic will come in the form of text. You don’t need to type in it. From your vocabulary itself, he gives you the biggest of such articles by writing them.

Google Docs is one of the best examples of voice to text feature.

Smart Personal Assistants

Friends, it is known from the name of this that it is a personal assistant. Understand in simple words. Your personal assistant who can help you with your schedule, completing your work.

Example – Calendar and meeting reminders. Friends, if you are in a big company and you have an appointment or meeting, then you can set the time at which time you have your meeting, then you have it in your mobile, in your laptop.

Friends, you can schedule your time in your mobile. Apart from this, you can make a list of your work. Create to-do lists, notes, etc. All this happens in the form of a smart personal assistant.

Ride-sharing Applications

Friends ride share application provides one of the best service. It is capable of arranging one-way transportation at short notice. It comes inside an artificial intelligence. Its most famous companies are Uber and Lyft.

Spam Filters on Emails

What is Spam Filter on Email? A spam filter is a program that detects unwanted email messages and prevents those messages from arriving in the inbox.

Available as spam filter software. It analyzes your email. They analyze your email to determine if your email is unsolicited.

The software analyzes the contents of the e-mail such as the email address, header, text, attachments, and language, and scans for suspicious ones.

Search Recommendations

Friends, whenever you search for something in Google, Google tells you the keywords related to it in the dropdown. This is called search recommendation.

Google gives you a suggestion in the dropdown. This is a miracle of Artificial Intelligence. Apart from this, if you type anything in the search box on Amazon or on any website, then the related suggestions are told in the dropdown below. Those suggestions are called search recommendations.

Fraud Protection & Prevention

Friends, as technology is increasing. By the way, frauds are also increasing. Fraud prevention is the implementation of a strategy to prevent frauds.

In banking, there are many applications, software to prevent damage to transactions, or anything else. And this is possible only through artificial intelligence.

Conclusion – Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence

Friends, today I told you about Top 10 Used Applications in Artificial Intelligence. It is not common, but it is very important.

People who want to seriously learn, read, understand about Artificial Intelligence. This is important to them. Apart from this, there are other applications which come under Artificial Intelligence.

And that is common, we will talk about that too in the next article. But friends, you should also know about them. I hope this article will be useful for you.

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