Tekken: 6 Best Yoshimitsu Designs, Ranked

Yoshimitsu remains the epitome of enigma within the Tekken universe, maintaining an air of mystery despite his consistent presence as a fighter since the series’ inception.

The prestigious title of Yoshimitsu is handed down through generations, and although the character appears in each Tekken instalment, fans can only speculate about his true identity, as he never unveils his face and seems to recollect encounters from his past.

Despite the enduring eccentricity of his personality across games, Yoshimitsu undergoes a complete aesthetic transformation with each iteration.

While he consistently wields his signature katana and dons a mask to conceal his identity, every other aspect of his attire undergoes radical changes, exemplified by his latest incarnation in Tekken 8.

While not every design resonates equally with fans, the majority leave a lasting impression due to their inventive nature and their ability to encapsulate the character’s unorthodox persona.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1

In Tekken Tag Tournament 1, Yoshimitsu dons a robust red samurai armour adorned with opulent golden trims that intricately outline the entire ensemble.

Notably, a conspicuous element of this design is the large wheel affixed to Yoshimitsu’s back, contributing to the character’s flamboyant style while subtly evoking the imagery of a Dharma Wheel, aligning with his mystical persona.

Although the mask in this iteration lacks the luminous eyes or menacing visage seen in some other games, it boasts a well-crafted design that successfully merges a traditional helmet with a more contemporary, even sci-fi aesthetic.

Bandai Namco took a bold approach in overhauling Yoshimitsu’s attire for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, resulting in a memorable and visually striking costume for the beloved character.

Tekken 2

Tekken 2’s Yoshimitsu stands out to fans primarily because of his striking and memorable design. Unlike in previous games where Namco was still experimenting with the character’s mask, in Tekken 2, Yoshimitsu is given an unsettling and enigmatic demon mask that adds a genuine aura of mystery to his persona.

His suit of armour is a fusion of the traditional bulkiness for which he’s known and the gradual incorporation of skeletal elements that became more prominent in his evolving appearance.

While he continues to wield his trusty katana in battle, the green glow emanating from it in Tekken 2 adds a captivating touch, introducing mystical elements to his overall look.

The underlying red colour peeking through parts of his armour leaves the nature of whether it’s actual skin tissue or an additional layer of armour open to interpretation, contributing to the intentional air of mystery surrounding the character.

Namco undeniably excelled with Yoshimitsu’s design in Tekken 2, a creation that many longtime fans nostalgically cherish for its simplicity and style.

Tekken 3

In the design for Yoshimitsu in Tekken 3, the developers delved deeply into the character’s more unsettling and eerie qualities, creating an appearance reminiscent of a frightening spectre that has taken possession of a suit of armour.

The standout feature of this rendition is the small, piercing bright green eyes that peer out from behind the skull mask, giving an unsettling realism due to their colour and design.

In this iteration, Yoshimitsu wears a dark brown suit of armour, complete with a spiky kabuto helmet inspired by the rhinoceros beetle found in real life.

Despite the organic inspiration, the armour maintains a mechanical appearance, evident in the scattered screws and glossy sheen on certain parts of the outfit. While unquestionably his most haunting look to date, it remains a visual marvel when witnessed in action.

Tekken 4

Yoshimitsu’s appearance in Tekken 4 stands out as the most intricately detailed in the series, with every aspect of his armour adorned with small ornaments and symbols, presenting a truly imposing image for this fighter.

The bulky red shoulder pads and sharp yellow spikes lend him an almost anime-villain aesthetic, yet the standout features are the skeletal mask and chest piece, creating a striking contrast within the overall ensemble.

This simple addition serves as a reminder that, despite Yoshimitsu’s often silly and humorous portrayal, he remains a formidable warrior capable of instilling fear in those who face him due to his combat prowess.

This iteration marks Yoshimitsu’s most “anime” appearance to date, but the combination of the elaborate armour and his dashing demeanour makes it a compelling and formidable design.

Tekken 5

Yoshimitsu has always been renowned for his eccentric fashion sense, but nowhere is this more pronounced than in Tekken 5, where he sports a squid-themed suit adorned with tentacles that sway around his head and shoulders.

This unconventional attire is complemented by a skeletal set of armour, notably less bulky than his previous versions, resulting in a sleek and slender appearance that diverges from the more robust looks players are accustomed to.

Adding a touch of futurism to the ensemble are the glowing blue embellishments on his legs and a high-tech sword reminiscent of something from Xenoblade.

Despite its avant-garde nature, Tekken 5’s rendition of Yoshimitsu is exceptionally distinctive, with the appearance perfectly matching the idiosyncrasy of this peculiar character.

Tekken 6

Yoshimitsu makes a return as a playable character in Tekken 6, presenting a slightly more subdued and serious personality while maintaining a vibrant and dazzling design.

His iconic bulky armour, synonymous with his character, now boasts an elegant glossy blue colour palette, accented with glowing red highlights that span most of his body.

The mask he wears, reminiscent of his appearance in Tekken 6, is adorned with a large golden ornament and a mysterious glowing jewel at its centre.

These subtle additions amplify the sci-fi elements of the character, delighting many fans. Despite these futuristic touches, Yoshimitsu’s samurai roots remain evident in Tekken 6, with silver shin guards and a sizable sheath for his blade hanging on one side.

This design serves as a heartfelt homage to Yoshimitsu’s past iterations while introducing new decorations that accentuate his peculiar and otherworldly fashion sense.


In the eclectic world of Tekken, Yoshimitsu’s designs have undergone various transformations, each leaving a unique imprint. The best Yoshimitsu designs in Tekken 6, ranked, showcase the character’s evolution with striking creativity.

The intricately detailed armour adorned with symbols in one iteration captures the essence of an intimidating warrior. Another design, featuring a squid-themed suit and futuristic elements, stands out for its unprecedented and bold aesthetic.

However, it is the Tekken 6 rendition, with a mix of traditional bulkiness and skeletal influences, that secures the top spot. The unsettling demon mask, glowing katana, and mysterious red accents contribute to an enigmatic aura.

Overall, Tekken 6 delivers Yoshimitsu designs that not only honour the character’s legacy but also push boundaries, solidifying their place among the franchise’s most captivating aesthetics.