Stream and browse privately with Getflix Smart DNS and VPN

TL;RD: A lifetime subscription to Getflix Smart DNS & VPN is on sale for £39.73, saving you 69% off the list price.

If you’re planning a vacation, be sure to bring your favorite shows with you. Streaming services like BBC iPlayer aren’t available outside of the UK, so you may not be able to keep up with your shows during your international downtime. That is, unless you use a DNS service that allows you to access many streaming services from anywhere in the world. Getflix Smart DNS and VPN gives you access to your favorite streaming services wherever you are, and a lifetime subscription is just £39.73.

The recent news about Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is just the latest way that streaming has become a little less convenient for users. Even Getflix can’t crack the US Netflix VPN block, but it can give you access to other popular streaming services by spoofing your location. Your computer may be abroad, but Getflix can make it look like you’re at home so you can bypass geo-restrictions. Getflix cannot grant you a subscription to any of the streaming services you may visit, but it does allow you to use your subscription as you normally would. Also, there is no device limit for DNS services.

If you want to protect your privacy on the go, be sure to use Getflix VPN services to protect your data on up to five devices at once. Those five devices can enjoy ultra-fast redirection and an ultra-secure connection protected by 256-bit encryption. That level of security is functionally unbreakable, so you can breathe easier when you have to use public WiFi or shared computers.

Are you planning a big trip? Be sure to plan ways to relax and stay safe abroad. Getflix Smart DNS and VPN could help with that, and a lifetime subscription is on sale for £39.73.


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