Huawei P60 Pro: Quad Curved LTPO Display

The incredible display on the Huawei P60 Pro measures 6.7 inches and has a quad-curved design. This is familiar to us because Huawei’s P40 Pro (2020) is the first smartphone to feature a quad-curved display.

Now that it has returned with a more refined appearance, it is time to learn more about its specifics.

Huawei P60 Pro: Quad Curved LTPO Display

The Huawei P60 Pro features a stunning quad curved LTPO display, offering immersive visuals with vibrant colors, sharp details, and a bezel-less appearance.

The LTPO technology ensures power efficiency by dynamically adjusting the refresh rate, enhancing the overall user experience while conserving battery life.

10 Features on the Huawei P60 Pro

The Huawei P60 Pro offers a range of impressive features:

Quad Curved LTPO Display:

The P60 Pro sports a stunning Quad Curved LTPO Display that delivers immersive visuals with vibrant colours, sharp details and a bezel-less appearance.

Powerful performance:

Equipped with a high-performance processor and ample RAM, the P60 Pro delivers smooth multitasking, fast app launches and smooth gaming experience.

Advanced Camera System:

The device features a versatile camera setup, which includes high-resolution sensors and advanced imaging technologies, enabling users to capture stunning photos and videos in a variety of conditions.

Long-lasting Battery Life:

With its optimized power management and efficient use of LTPO display, the P60 Pro ensures long-lasting battery life, keeping users connected and engaged all day long.

Enhanced Security:

The P60 Pro incorporates advanced security features, including facial recognition and an in-display fingerprint sensor, to ensure secure access to the device and protect user data.

Ample Storage:

With generous internal storage capacity, the P60 Pro offers ample space to store apps, media files and documents, ensuring users can take their digital content with them wherever they go.

5G Connectivity:

The P60 Pro supports 5G connectivity, allowing users to experience ultra-fast internet speeds, low latency, and seamless streaming and downloading of content.

Sleek Design:

The P60 Pro sports a sleek and stylish design, a combination of premium materials and a slim profile, making it comfortable to hold and attractive to look at.

AI capabilities:

Huawei’s AI technology powers various aspects of the P60 Pro, such as intelligent camera features, system optimization and personalized user experience.

Expandable Storage:

The device offers expandable storage options via a microSD card slot, allowing users to easily add more storage space for their growing multimedia and data needs.


Lastly, the Huawei P60 Pro features a quad curved LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display that offers an immersive visual experience.

The quad curved design refers to the curved edges on all four sides of the display, which not only enhance the aesthetics of the device but also provide a more ergonomic feel in the hand.

The LTPO technology employed in the Huawei P60 Pro’s display is notable because it offers a number of benefits. LTPO displays are known for their energy efficiency, allowing for better battery management.

This is achieved by dynamically adjusting the display’s refresh rate based on the content being displayed, resulting in reduced power consumption without compromising on the user experience.

In addition, the Adaptive Refresh Rate feature helps deliver smooth viewing during high-intensity activities like gaming or video playback, while also conserving power during more static content.

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