HP has found an exciting new way to apply DRM to your printer!

You expressly permit HP to remotely change, patch, upgrade, or modify the software, firmware, or programming of your printer remotely, without notice.to provide you with the Service or to comply with applicable laws

Remote monitoring may include supply to HP one or more of: number of pages, types of documents printed (eg, Word, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, etc.), types of devices that initiated print jobs, printer serial number , cartridge information (eg, original HP cartridge status and whether the cartridge was new or used at the time it was last inserted into the printer), and other similar types of metrics related to your Service that HP may add from time to time

You agree to maintain connectivity of Your printer to the Internet and not to remove or disable any remote monitoring software or functionality on Your printer.

If your printer is not connected to the Internet, subscription cartridges (as defined in section d. below) will be disabled, and you will not be able to use them for printing; however, you will continue to be charged for the Service as described in Section 7 (“Payment for your Service”). To reactivate disabled cartridges, you will need to reconnect the printer to the Internet and keep it connected

When your service is canceled for any reason, HP will remotely deactivate the subscription cartridges and you will no longer be able to print with the subscription cartridges. In such a case, you will need to purchase a regular HP cartridge that is compatible with your printer to continue printing.

HP may increase or change the service plan fee and overage fee, and add additional feesfor any service plan, or change or add service plans at any time at the sole discretion of HP with prior notice to you


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