Coinbase: Move America Forward or Move Out of the US?

In an effort to promote the importance of cryptocurrencies and their potential to revolutionize the global financial system, coin basethe leading crypto exchange, thrown out a national campaign, “Crypto: Moving America Forward.”

The campaign kickoff consists of a series of four different spots, each featuring Brian Armstrong, which will air on popular Sunday shows with a new episode premiering each weekend. The announcements are intended to articulate the importance of cryptographic technology and clarify what is at stake for the United States.

Coinbase had previously commissioned a national survey from Morning Consult, which indicated that one in five Americans own cryptocurrency and that 80% of Americans are inclined to upgrade the financial system.

In light of these findings, Coinbase announced “Go Broad, Go Deep,” a global initiative to expand its presence in major financial markets looking to become crypto hubs. Locations include the UK, Canada, Dubai, Brazil, and Singapore. As part of this initiative, Coinbase also inaugurated a global advisory council and launched a new international exchange in Bermuda.

The “Crypto: Moving America Forward” campaign also seeks to highlight that US global economic leadership and national security could be jeopardized if the US cedes its role in building technology that will be critical to financial infrastructure. world.

In addition to the series of announcements, the campaign includes “The History of Money Initiative,” an educational program charting the evolution of the currency, and “Stand With Crypto Day,” scheduled for July 19, where cryptocurrency enthusiasts will meet in Washington, DC. , advocating for cryptocurrency-friendly policies.

Coinbase will also collaborate with the Financial Times to host “The State of Crypto Summit” in New York City on June 22, inviting influential stakeholders from the traditional financial sector to discuss cryptos evolving role as financial technology.

Yet in the midst of these initiatives, last month, Armstrong warned that Coinbase could consider moving its headquarters outside of the US, citing its dissatisfaction with the country’s approach to crypto regulation. This move underscores the tension between cryptocurrency exchanges and regulatory bodies, a situation that demands urgent attention.

Armstrong’s initiative underscores the importance of a national conversation about the role of cryptocurrency in reshaping the global financial landscape. With one in five Americans already owning cryptocurrency, it’s clear the future is here.


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