Big sauce wants your seasoning data

As tech conglomerates and big guys ask AI distributors to hit the brakes, I think another emerging technology, Heinz Remix, deserves a close look.

At first, the Heinz Remix simply appears to be a mix-n-match soda dispenser, for salsa. However, much more is going on below the surface. This is about responsibilityin sauces.

kraftheinz Said yesterday that the machine will offer people the “power to personalize their sauces like never before.” It follows a two-step process: select a base (for now, Ketchup, Ranch, Steak 57, and BBQ), plus one or more “enhancers” (for now, Jalapeno, Smoky Chipotle, Buffalo, and Mango). Each of the enhancers can be customized through three “intensity levels” (low, medium and high), he said. Kraft Heinz in a statement.

Chipotle ketchup is well-trodden territory, but Heinz claims its touchscreen dispenser will offer “200 possible sauce combinations” when it debuts at the 2023 Chicago National Restaurant Association Show. among them the horrendous (mango ranch) and the redundant (chipotle steak sauce). What’s really concerning here though (apart from the potential for a sauce “cemetery“) is what Heinz plans to do after the dippers are submerged. Simply put, “it’s more than a sauce dispenser,” said Alan Kleinerman, Kraft Heinz’s vice president of disruption.

“It is a knowledge engine and a business model enabler,” the executive clarified in a statement. According kleinerman, the machine enable the $47.75 billion sauce giant to “understand and respond to consumer trends and flavor preferences in real time.” (Emphasis on TechDigiPro).

“Who knows,” Kleinerman added, “Maybe our next new sauce mix will come from a superfan using HEINZ REMIX!”

In other words, while we’re not sure which sauces will come from Heinz Remix, one thing is already certain: When Heinz tests the technology with restaurants later this year, the company will do something of its own: collect bites of sauce data from unsuspecting guests. Leaving us with one crucial unanswered question: Who skips the saucier?


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