Best (Free and Paid) Digital Marketing Online Courses in 2024

Once upon a time, during the early stages of the internet’s development, digital marketing stood as an exclusive skillset reserved for a specialized group of professionals.

Nowadays, the digital realm has become so deeply integrated with marketing that distinguishing between the two has become exceedingly challenging.

From search engines and social media platforms to mobile applications and advertising, virtually every organization now incorporates digital marketing strategies in some form.

This is precisely why discovering a course that effectively imparts practical skills has become imperative.

Within this post, we present a compilation of the finest online digital marketing courses available in 2024.

Ranging from top-notch free digital marketing programs to more extensive, paid courses, there’s something suitable for everyone’s learning needs.

Best Paid Digital Marketing Courses

Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course

A quick look at Udemy’s digital marketing course:

Learning Format: Online
Ideal Audience: Beginners, employees, or small business owners seeking skill enhancement
Duration: 22.5 hours
Price: $149.99 (but often comes with substantial discounts)

Who Might Benefit?

This digital marketing course suits those eager to upskill without spending a fortune. Notably, companies like VW, Apple, and Eventbrite leverage Udemy’s Digital Marketing course to nurture their workforce. It’s also a boon for individuals venturing into their own business and looking to broaden their skill set.

How Does It Operate?

Udemy employs video tutorials with a practical focus, emphasizing learning through active participation.

Through a blend of videos, quizzes, sample projects, and checklists, the course gradually fortifies your abilities.

Covering 12 modules, it spans the entire digital marketing cycle, from market analysis to constructing a WordPress website.

Rather than just elucidating various digital marketing techniques, the course emphasizes hands-on application.

The goal is to assist in formulating a personalized marketing strategy that’s either cost-free or budget-friendly.

With over 600,000 students enrolled, it stands as one of Udemy’s most sought-after offerings.

Plenty of other digital marketing courses exist for you to explore.

Duration of Completion?

Udemy’s digital marketing course entails 22.5 hours of learning, supplemented by articles and downloadable resources that facilitate a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

What’s The Cost?

As per Udemy, the course’s standard price is $149.99. However, frequent substantial discounts make this seem more like a marketing tactic (but hey, you’re already gaining digital skills!) The last we checked, the course was available for $16.99, indicating it’s typically quite affordable.

Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization Course

An overview of Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization course:

Learning Format: Online
Ideal Audience: Beginners starting from scratch
Duration: Approximately 8 months (5 hours per week)
Price: Coursera’s subscription costs $79 per month

Who Might Benefit?

This course caters to beginners working within a moderate budget. Despite its affordability, it delves into comprehensive content, ensuring a solid foundation upon completion.

How Does It Operate?

This Coursera program offers an extended learning experience without straining your finances. Coursera’s ‘specializations’ comprise a series of courses designed to cultivate expertise in a specific field—in this case, digital marketing.

This specialization entails six courses, allowing you the flexibility to navigate each at your own pace. Taking breaks between courses is acceptable.

Every Coursera specialization includes a practical project following the courses, essential for certification. In this digital marketing course, you’ll apply your newly acquired skills to a real-world project crafted in collaboration with the industrial supply company, Grainger.

Regardless of your interest in industrial supplies, the key takeaway lies in acquiring skills and methodologies sought after by genuine employers. Plus, the priceless benefit of real-world application!

Duration of Completion?

Adhering to Coursera’s recommended study pace (5 hours weekly), the course spans 8 months. However, you can set personal deadlines, enabling faster completion if desired.

What’s The Cost?

Although the course advertises ‘free enrollment,’ you’ll need to cover the monthly Coursera subscription fee of $79 to access the entire program. Over an 8-month period, this amounts to approximately $360 if you subscribe solely for the course duration.

However, the subscription provides access to a plethora of other courses, offering substantial value for the investment.

Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track Bootcamp

A glimpse into Springboard’s Digital Marketing course:

Learning Format: Mentor-guided online course
Ideal Audience: Individuals relatively new but eager to enhance their digital marketing abilities
Duration: 6 months (8-10 hours per week)
Price: Ranges from $2,399 to $2,994 (depending on payment plan)

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

This digital marketing course isn’t exclusively for beginners but leans towards those possessing foundational writing skills and a grasp of statistics.

Considering the investment required, it best suits individuals committed to forging a career in digital marketing. This likely includes those already acquainted with digital marketing principles.

How Does It Function?

Positioned towards the higher tier of digital marketing courses, Springboard presents a mentor-guided, community-based, comprehensive digital marketing certification program. This transcends the standard video tutorial model.

Despite its online nature, regular video calls with an industry professional mentor and access to a supportive peer network are integral.

While covering the entire spectrum of digital marketing skills (from SEO to social), emphasis is placed on refining these skills through practical projects rather than solely relying on video tutorials.

Additionally, Springboard prioritizes career readiness. As a participant, you’ll construct a marketing portfolio, and a career coach will assist in interview preparation, refining your resume.

Access to a professional network is provided to aid in securing your inaugural digital marketing role. However, limited slots exist, and an undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for application.

Duration of Completion?

The Springboard course encompasses approximately 200 hours of learning. If you can dedicate 8-10 hours weekly, they estimate a six-month completion timeline.

What’s The Cost?

While positioned at the higher end in terms of cost, this course offers substantial value. The total cost amounts to $2,399 if paid upfront. Alternatively, a monthly payment plan is available at $499 per month, totaling up to $2,994.

Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp

A quick overview of Thinkful’s Digital Marketing Course:

Learning Format: Online with career mentoring assistance

Ideal Audience: Individuals seeking career transitions, adaptable to existing commitments

Duration: 3 months with a commitment of 15-20 hours per week

Price: $4,900

Who Might Benefit?

Thinkful’s digital marketing course caters to novices or professionals seeking a career shift or a fresh start in this domain. It offers flexible learning hours, enabling participants to accommodate the course within their current schedules.

How Does It Function?

Thinkful presents its digital marketing program as a part-time course offering full-time career support. Encompassing fundamental digital marketing skills, it provides unlimited technical interview practice, insights into industry expectations, and salary projections. Participants receive guidance in crafting compelling portfolios and LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, they gain exclusive access to job opportunities—a thrilling prospect!

Duration of Completion?

With a suggested weekly commitment of 15-20 hours, Thinkful estimates the course completion within three months. This duration mirrors Springboard’s digital marketing course but condensed into a shorter timeframe.

What’s The Cost?

The upfront cost for the entire course is $4,900. Alternatively, a monthly payment plan of $2,066 is available (resulting in a total fee of $6,200). An alternative payment option involves deferring payment until earning $40,000 annually. Moreover, Thinkful offers a money-back guarantee if a graduate remains unemployed six months after completion, providing a reassuring safety net.

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing with Purdue University

A snapshot of Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing course:

Learning Format: Online bootcamp
Ideal Audience: Business professionals aspiring to pursue digital marketing careers
Duration: 6 months requiring 5-10 hours per week
Price: $3,000

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

Designed as a post-graduate program, this course is tailored for seasoned business professionals boasting a minimum of two years’ experience and holding an undergraduate degree in any field. While expertise isn’t mandatory, this isn’t a digital marketing course for complete beginners.

How Does It Operate?

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sign-up-and-go course. As an exclusive qualification offered in partnership with Purdue University, an application process precedes enrollment. Despite the initial hassle, gaining entry guarantees an element of exclusivity unparalleled elsewhere.

Simplilearn’s admissions counselors guide applicants through the process, mitigating any potential difficulties.

The rigorous admissions process isn’t merely a display of expense. Post-grad programs like this tend to be more cost-effective than solely private initiatives. Moreover, it offers additional perks. Co-developed with Facebook, the course provides a blend of academic insight and practical, industry-demanded skills.

Beyond familiar tools and techniques, the curriculum delves deeper into intricate subjects such as reputation management, search psychology, and language targeting. Graduates not only receive certification but also gain Purdue Alumni membership and access to Simplilearn’s career services.

Duration of Completion?

This post-graduate course spans six months, necessitating a weekly commitment of five to ten hours, dependent on individual learning pace.

What’s The Cost?

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing is priced at $3,000 in total. Payment can be made upfront or via a payment plan of $264 per month.

Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

CareerFoundry Digital Marketing Program

An overview of CareerFoundry’s Digital Marketing Program:

Learning Format: Online

Ideal Audience: Individuals interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, seeking comprehensive immersion in the field

Duration: 5-day short course, Full Program: 4 months (full-time) or 7 months (part-time)

Price: Free short course, Full Program: $6,900

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

This online digital marketing course caters to those genuinely passionate about the field, offering flexible study options guided by both a mentor and a tutor.

How Does It Function?

CareerFoundry’s Digital Marketing course provides thorough instruction on essential skills, tools, and methodologies crucial for becoming a proficient digital marketing professional.

With the guidance of an industry expert mentor and tutor, participants engage in project-based learning, constructing assets for their digital marketing portfolios, preparing them for a career transition.

The program instills confidence, boasting a Job Guarantee: secure a position in your desired field within 180 days of program completion or receive a full refund.

Duration of Completion?

All CareerFoundry programs are self-paced, devoid of fixed lecture or seminar schedules.

The short course spans five daily lessons, each approximately 15 minutes in length—convenient yet comprehensive.

For the Full Program, participants have the flexibility to opt for part-time study, dedicating 15-20 hours per week for seven months, or commit full-time, investing 30-40 hours per week to complete the program in four months.

What’s The Cost?

The short course is entirely cost-free, whereas the Full Program, encompassing a job guarantee, is priced at $6,900. Additionally, upfront payment offers a 5% discount, facilitating potential savings for participants.

LinkedIn Learning’s “Become a Digital Marketing Specialist” Course

An overview of LinkedIn’s Digital Marketing course:

Learning Format: Online video tutorials
Ideal Audience: Beginners intrigued by digital marketing without committing to a paid program
Duration: 20 hours spread across 11 courses
Price: Free, with the option of a monthly subscription for deeper content exploration

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

For individuals new to the mechanics of digital marketing, this course serves as an excellent entry point to grasp the fundamentals. If you’re considering a career in this field but aren’t yet ready to invest substantial time or money, this is a great way to start your exploration.

How Does It Function?

This foundational course comprises brief, two-hour video tutorials introducing various digital marketing topics. The curriculum progresses from fundamental frameworks to cover topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, content and social media marketing, among others.

As an introductory level course, it provides an overview rather than in-depth expertise. However, it offers ample insight to help identify areas of personal interest, guiding future learning paths if you decide to delve deeper.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda, renowned for quality online training, was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 and rebranded in 2021. Expect top-notch content, with an array of other courses available for exploration.

Duration of Completion?

The entire program spans 20 hours across 11 courses. Even exploring the initial course only requires a commitment of two hours and nine minutes—an investment worth trying!

What’s The Cost?

The course is free; however, to access a broader array of LinkedIn Learning’s digital marketing programs, a subscription is required. Subscription fees range from $19.99 to $29.99 per month based on the chosen plan.

They do offer a one-month free trial, providing ample opportunity to explore a range of courses, as most are relatively short in duration.

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

An overview of Google’s Digital Marketing Course:

Learning Format: Online
Ideal Audience: Beginners seeking a comprehensive yet manageable learning commitment
Duration: 26 modules spanning over 40 hours
Price: Free

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

While LinkedIn Learning’s course serves as a great starting point, Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing provides a more structured learning experience. It’s particularly suitable for small business owners or individuals eyeing a career shift into this field.

How Does It Function?

Unlike the diverse array of courses offered by different tutors on our list, Google’s program is exclusively developed by the company’s trainers. Across 26 modules, it covers the fundamental aspects of digital marketing, ranging from content creation to basic analytics for achieving success.

The program comprises bite-sized videos and knowledge-testing quizzes. The culmination involves a final quiz or exam comprising 40 questions.

Upon successful completion, you earn a digital certification valid for your LinkedIn profile and resume. This certification holds more weight than mere vanity credentials; it’s accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University.

Duration of Completion?

This comprehensive 26-module course spans 40 hours of learning, allowing participants to progress at their own pace.

What’s The Cost?

The course is not only free but also holds official accreditation—a significant value proposition!

Copyblogger Content Marketing Tools and Training

An overview of Copyblogger’s digital marketing offering:

Learning Format: Via email

Ideal Audience: Both novices and seasoned professionals

Duration: Flexible, tailored to individual preferences

Price: Free

Who Might Find It Beneficial?

Primarily focusing on content marketing, Copyblogger is primarily geared toward writers but is open to a broad audience.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking an effortless learning path or a seasoned professional staying updated with the latest trends and insights, Copyblogger caters to all.

How Does It Function?

Copyblogger operates as a blend of a blog, training resource, and newsletter. Unlike traditional courses that demand specific time commitments, signing up delivers 20 informative emails covering diverse content marketing topics—ranging from copywriting and SEO to keyword research, and more.

As the content arrives in your inbox, you have the liberty to choose when to engage with it, offering flexibility without the pressure of taking notes during tutorials.

Although Copyblogger isn’t structured as a conventional course, it remains highly popular within content marketing circles.

It’s included on our list because digital marketing trends evolve rapidly. While formal courses cover fundamentals, the specifics swiftly become outdated.

Given the constant emergence of new tools, trends, and ideas, staying updated with such evolving trends is crucial for digital marketing professionals.

Engaging with resources like Copyblogger—or similar blogs—proves invaluable in this fast-paced landscape.

Duration of Completion?

Unlike a typical course, Copyblogger serves as an ongoing resource with no set completion time. Participants can consume content at their own pace, based on personal preferences.

What’s The Cost?

opyblogger’s offerings are entirely free, making it a risk-free option for anyone interested in signing up.

SE Ranking Content SEO

An overview of SE Ranking’s Content SEO offering:

Learning Format: Online
Ideal Audience: Intermediate-level content and SEO marketers
Duration: 2+ hours
Price: Free

Who Might Benefit?

Geared toward individuals seeking high-performance content, this concise course suits those with existing content marketing knowledge aiming to enhance their SEO skills.

How Does It Operate?

This course features easily navigable content delivered through video lectures, followed by practical application and concluding with an online test that awards a SE certificate upon completion. Joe Williams, the course instructor, presents the material in an informative and easily understandable manner. The course covers expected areas comprehensively and effectively.

Moreover, being an evergreen course, it welcomes and incorporates feedback, distinguishing itself through outstanding reviews, which can serve as a testament to your expertise.

Duration of Completion?

The video content spans just over two hours—your pace in completing the practical exercises and final test is entirely flexible.

What’s The Cost?

Benefit from a free two-week trial period, granting ample time to complete this relatively concise course without the burden of a subscription fee.


In this discussion, we’ve delved into a selection of top-notch digital marketing courses tailored for 2024. Ranging from complimentary tutorials to comprehensive post-graduate programs, we’ve encompassed a wide array of offerings catering to various requirements and budgets.

While we highly advocate starting with a no-cost course to get a taste of digital marketing, the ultimate choice rests in your hands to select the one aligning best with your needs.

However, don’t solely rely on our opinions. It’s beneficial to explore these courses firsthand. There’s an abundance of options out there awaiting your exploration.

Remember, the true value of any digital marketing course is interlinked with the effort and dedication you invest in it! So, dive in with enthusiasm, and let’s meet on the learning horizon!