Artificial Intelligence In 2023 – You Must Know About It

Artificial Intelligence In 2023

Today’s we will discuss about Artificial Intelligence In 2023 guys, you must know about everything. The best example of artificial intelligence are robots.

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be very useful in today’s daily life. It has become quite popular in daily life.

Everyone wants to know about this technology. Let us know what is Artificial Intelligence after all? And What are the latest trends in artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence in 2023

Those tasks or those intelligence which are shown and done by machines, they can be called artificial intelligence. Friends, no machine or iron-lamp can work on its own.

It is necessary to have some technology for the machine or iron-lamp to run on its own. Friends, in simple words, this technology is call Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence simulates the intelligence of machines and human processes. Through AI, machines understand what work they have to do? and how? Machines are program to imitate human actions.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Simple Words?

It refers to the machines or systems that imitate human intelligence to complete the tasks.

Friends, where a machine starts completing the task on its own, then you can understand that it is the wonder of artificial intelligence.

The best examples of this are robots – vacuum robots, computers, home robots, surgery robots, autonomous robots technology, etc.

These robots work automatically, all they need to do is give commands. All these robots are make by AI. Guys, Do you know what’s the future of AI? If no, Then check now the future of AI.

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

Friends, now the question comes that how does Artificial Intelligence work? So, I would like to tell you in simple words, AI can be consider as a programming language.

Robotics and machine experts use coding and programming to build robots and machines.

AI is a programming language, by which giving commands to the machines, they perform tasks on their own. So, These robots can work just like humans.

Like we have soul and mind. Similarly, soul and mind are given by programming inside these machines and robots so that they can do their work easily.

If I give an example of this, then you must have known about Sophia Robot. Ask Sophia the robot anything, say anything, she responds like a human.

Sofia has knowledge of many languages. Whatever work you tell her, she can do your work without anyone’s help. This robot is an AI robot.

Sophia’s walking, getting up, sitting, running, speaking, talking, etc., all these happen through artificial intelligence.

Apart from this, there are other robots as well – all these robots are made of a plastic, or wood etc., but the processes it does are done by AI.

Let me put another example – suppose you made a robot out of plastic, wood, or whatever robot is made, is that robot any work? No because he is just a mannequin type, he cannot move, cannot do any work.

On the contrary, if you have prepared a robot and do your coding in it, then friends, that robot can definitely do any work for which you have made it. Because you have put life in it, that is, you have put coding.

What Are The Types Of Artificial Intelligence?

There are mainly two types of Artificial Intelligence type 1 and type 2. So Firstly, discuss about type 1.

Friends, Let me tell you one thing Artificial Intelligence in 2023 is most important for those who want to know about how to make robots? Now let see what is in type 1 –

Types of Artificial Intelligence
AI Type – 1

Type – 1

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI is also call a Weak AI. Neron AI is a common AI in today’s time. These AI work only on a single task on the same target. They are designed for a single task only.

Some examples of this are speech or voice assistant, car driving, facial recognition, etc. Narrow AI is a common AI in this world of Artificial Intelligence. It is designed for a specific task.

That’s why it is also called weak AI. Narrow AI cannot operate beyond its limited capabilities. The best example of Narrow AI is Apple Siri. In addition, the supercomputer named IBM Watson is also a narrow AI.

This AI cannot imitate human earth but it can imitate human behavior. He can definitely help man in some way. Some examples of this are giving shopping suggestions on e-commerce sites, self driving, playing chess online, etc.

The use of narrow AI is made possible only by natural language processing. Friends Chatbot or similar techniques of Artificial Intelligence require natural language processing.

By understanding natural language, artificial intelligence in 2023 is program to interact with and help humans. Most AI have limited memory available.

Machines have to use large amounts of data to conduct in-depth studies. Deep learning helps enable most of the personalized AI experiences.

Some examples of this are search engines and virtual assistants etc. It collects your data and personalizes you in future.

General Artificial Intelligence

General Intelligence is helpful in accomplishing a variety of human level cognitive tasks like language processing, image processing, reasoning and computational functioning.

This AI is capable of completing any intellectual task as efficiently as a human. The only purpose of creating General Artificial Intelligence is to create a system that can think like a human, act like a human.

We are still far away from General Artificial Intelligence. This technology can bring a lot of change in the life of man. In today’s time, there is no such technology which can come under General AI.

There was no such technology that could complete any task in the form of a human.

Researchers have begun to put a lot of effort and focus on developing general AI machines.

Systems with general AI are under some degree of research. It can take a lot of effort and time to get this system ready.

Friends, when general AI systems are ready, then a new form of artificial intelligence can be see.

Strong or Super Artificial Intelligence

It comes after General Artificial Intelligence. In this machines will be able to work faster than human intelligence. In super AI system, AI can do any task better than human.

This would in a way prove to be the result of ordinary AI. Strong AI, as its name suggests, is about a few more strong things.

Friends, how can Strong AI work? Ability to think, understand, reason, solve puzzles, make decisions, plan, learn something, communicate with oneself, etc.

Friends, you all know that technology has progressed to some extent. But still this strong artificial intelligence remains a fictional concept even today.

In fact, it is a system whose development is to be the change of the world. The day this technology developed, this world can change to a great extent with your thinking.

What are 4 Type Of Artificial Intelligence

Well friends, there are two types of artificial intelligence. The first one that I have told you above. And the second one which I am going to tell you. But it is base on functionality, so it is read separate.

Let us see the second type of Artificial Intelligence. Some people ask, what are four types of Artificial Intelligence? So I would like to tell that these are four types of artificial intelligence in 2023 which is based on functionality. Let see –

What are the four types of Artificial Intelligence?
AI Type- 2
  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self-Awareness

Reactive Machines

This machine does not store Yadav or past experiences. It is capable of completing tasks on the present scenario. These AI systems do not store any kind of memory.

The best examples of this are IBM’s Deep Blue System and Google’s AlphaGo.

Limited Memory

This AI system is capable of storing old experiences or some data for a short period of time. It has memory, but is limited. They have limited time to store the data.

The best example of this is self-driving. Self driving keeps a limited memory in itself.

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind means reading the mind and emotions. Machines that understand human emotions, people and beliefs.

So far no such machine has been made, which understands human feelings and beliefs. Researchers are trying their best to make and improve such AI machines.

Theory of mind simply means generating emotions in a system. Such eye machines will be built to understand human intentions, understand human behavior, understand human emotions.


Self awareness means being aware of yourself. Friends Self Awareness is a hypothetical concept for the future of Artificial Intelligence. These machines will be super intelligent.

These will have feelings in themselves, consciousness, self-awareness, etc. They will have a sharper mind than a human and will also be very fast in tasks. Such machines have not yet been made.

Self-Awareness AI awakens a sense of self. He has the ability to think for himself etc. So, Self awareness machines can understand any situation in their present time. Can easily face any difficult situation.

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