Apple TV and Apple Music apps appear discreetly in the Microsoft Store

The Apple Music and Apple TV apps have quietly arrived as previews on Microsoft Windows 11, according to a tweet from @ALumia_Italy seen by Thurrot. It’s now possible to download the apps from the Microsoft Store, along with another preview app called Apple Devices that lets you “manage Apple devices from your Windows PC,” according to the description.

At its Surface 2022 event, Microsoft announced that apps would be coming to Windows 11 this year, so the news isn’t much of a surprise. Apple’s standalone Windows media apps have been a long time coming: It’s been recruiting engineers to create them since 2019. Those apps have replaced iTunes on the Mac, and the goal is to eventually replace them on Windows as well.

All apps seem to require Windows 11 Build 22621 or higher, but seem to work fine, according to 9to5Mac. Apple TV works much like the app on Xbox or Smart TV, providing access to Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels, along with movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. Apple Music is missing the lyrics feature, but is otherwise the same as the macOS version.

As for Apple devices, it also replaces iTunes for syncing and backup. It will allow you to backup Apple devices, sync local media and restore firmware without iTunes.

When you start them for the first time, you’ll be warned that iTunes for Windows will stop working (you must uninstall the apps to continue using iTunes). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as iTunes for Windows doesn’t exactly offer a great user experience.

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