AI comes for your web browser. Here is how to use it

There is now an image builder built into Edge.

Microsoft via David Nield

After a few seconds, you will be presented with four suggested images. Click on any of them to take a closer look and find options to share, download, or save them to a collection within Edge. Your recently generated images are displayed further down the sidebar, so you can return to them if you need to, and there’s also the explore ideas tab if you need more inspiration.

This is all free to use, though you only get a certain number of “boosts” per month, which makes the AI ​​art generation process faster. If you run out of boosters, you can get more through Microsoft’s rewards scheme; otherwise, you will need to be more patient to wait for your images to return.

Other browsers

It’s fair to say that Microsoft Edge is leading the way right now when it comes to in-browser AI tools, but other developers are getting involved as well. Opera is completely redesigning its browser to accommodate generative AI features. It’s called Opera One, and It is now available in the form of an early access developer release.

Right now, there’s not much going on in the way of AI except the integrations for ChatGPT and ChatSonic, the ChatGPT alternative, in the sidebar on the left. However, the entire interface is getting a facelift to make it more fluid and modular, so expect to see a lot more features added over time. A full release is scheduled for later this year.

The new Opera One comes with built-in ChatGPT.

Opera via David Nield

Meanwhile, the Brave browser just released a new feature called Summarizer. Harnesses the power of AI to give you short and informative direct answers to your questions, based on text pulled from web search results. The idea is that you get the answers you need faster and with fewer clicks.

For example, you might want to know the difference between two different types of drinks, or need the details of what happened in a particular historical event. the summarizer It should be able to give you a brief overview without you having to open any web pages, and the sources for the summary are listed below.


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